Top level API


Returns a function that will return a fully configured store composed of all the bundles including some built-in ones that you're likely to want. If you have any data to use as starting state, it can be passed to this function.

Included bundles:

  • appTimeBundle
  • asyncCountBundle
  • onlineBundle
  • createUrlBundle()
  • createReactorBundle()
  • debugBundle


Same as composeBundles(...bundles) but does not include anything bundles by default.


Can be used to create selectors as described in the selectX section of the bundle API.


Is window defined


Like HAS_WINDOW but also tries to determine if we're in a WebWorker.


Shim for requestAnimationFrame with fallback to setTimeout(0) for node.


Shim for requestIdleCallback with fallback to setTimeout(0) for node.

Exports * from redux

As previously stated, this library includes Redux, so redux methods are exported too.

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