Change Log

  • 21.2.0 - Added support for hash-based routing by passing in options object to createRouteBundle (thanks [@olizilla]!).
  • 21.1.0 - Added support for Redux Dev Tools (thanks @aulneau!). Added CI. Added some notes for React Native users to docs (thanks @quarkcore).
  • 21.0.3 - Fix for bug in required options check in createAsyncResourceBundle (thanks @greggb). Minor simplification/cleanup of custom-apply-middleware.js. (this was supposed to be 21.0.2 but accidentally got published as 21.0.3 :facepalm:)
  • 21.0.1 - Build with compress=false to avoid redux console warning and improve debugging experience.
  • 21.0.0 - Adding scroll restoration handling. (many browsers already handle this well by default, but not FF or IE 11). This handles scroll position internally in the url bundle if used, it also exports the scroll restoration helper functions so that they can be used directly as well.
  • 20.0.0 - Adding documentation site, wrote lots of docs and made mostly internal changes and bug fixes, can cause breakage if depending on action type names, or if using composeBundlesRaw() to handpick what's included.

    • Changed all action types to be past-tense (so they don't sound like RPC calls). Action types should describe things that happened, not sound like they're causing things to happen. So in asyncCount instead of START, SUCCESS, ERROR it's now STARTED, FINISHED, FAILED. In URL bundle UPDATE_URL -> URL_UPDATED. In geolocation bundle REQUEST_GEOLOCATION_X -> GEOLOCATION_REQUEST_X.
    • All included bundles that require instantiation with a config are now named createXBundle for consistency. This includes createGeolocationBundle, createReactorBundle, createCacheBundle.
    • Added lots of documentation to readme several of the included bundles.
    • Significant changes to createAsyncResourceBundle:
      • actionBaseType is now the noun, such as USER, from this we build FETCH_USER_STARTED, USER_EXPIRED, etc.
      • doMarkXAsStale is now doMarkXAsOutdated.
      • Action type names updated to be past tense: MAKE_STALE -> X_INVALIDATED
      • Added doClearX action creator and reducer case.
      • Now takes 3 time-related settings: staleAfter, retryAfter, and expireAfter.
      • Support for expireAfter was added, the X_EXPIRED action will be dispatched clearing the state.
    • Removed wonky batch dispatch quasi-middleware.
  • 19.0.1 - Minor fix for WebWorkers (updating redux-persist-middleware dep).

  • 19.0.0 - Externalized caching lib as its own library called money-clip and the caching bundle now uses redux-persist-middleware to generate it's persistance middleware. Nothing huge changes other than importing caching lib from outside of bundler. I've updated redux-bundler-example for sample usage of caching bundle with money-clip. Renamed cacheBundle -> createCacheBundle since it needs to be configured to be used. Removed unused npm-watch dev dependency.
  • 18.0.0 - Renamed selectCurrentComponent -> selectRoute in create route bundle.
  • 17.1.1 - Fix bug where requestAnimationFrame was expected to exist when running inside a worker.
  • 17.1.0 - Export * from redux in index.
  • 17.0.1 - Fix to ensure publishing/mapping to correct build files :facepalm:.
  • 17.0.0 - Switched to build with microbundle. Should address issues #5, #8. No longer pulling in redux-bundler version into build.
  • 16.1.1 - Ensure all output from selectors of included bundles is serializable. selectUrlObject() in the url bundle was returning a URL object instance. Now it just returns a plain object with all string properties from the URL object. Did this as bug fix release because it was always intended this way. In theory it could could be a breaking change, but odds are miniscule. Only if someone were doing selectUrlObject then treating its resulting searchParams prop as a URLSearchParams object and calling its methods instead of using one of the selectors that already exist for accessing query params.
  • 16.1.0 - Added .action() method to store for calling an action creator by name (useful when wanting to proxy all actions to another object, such as a web worker)
  • 16.0.0 - First public release

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